Reffering Physicians

Referral Process

Thank you for sending us your patients for treatment of their chronic pain.  We try to make our referral process as seamless as possible.  We do need some initial information from your office to help speed the process along. 

The following information needed when providing a referral:

  • Patient Demographics w/ insurance information
  • If W/C, Adjustor Information; If MVA, Attorney Information
  • MRI’s, Xrays (relevant imaging)
  • MD notes

You can download our Patient Referral Form here:
Patient Referral Form

Scheduling Process

Dr. Grahling reviews all referrals to ensure that he can provide additional care for your patients.  Upon his approval, our staff will reach out to your patient directly to schedule a consultation appointment.  The first visit is an evaluation and does not include a procedure (in most cases).  Please make sure your patient’s expectations are properly set.  After reviewing the individual case with the patient, Dr. Grahling will discuss a course of action for their interventional pain management.  We do reserve procedure slots so that we can schedule patient injections relatively soon after the first appointment. 

Ongoing Care

We use electronic medical records and your office will receive a faxed type-written note from Dr. Grahling soon after the patient visit (many times within the hour).  This allows your office to stay abreast of our treatment plan and care for the patient.