Providing the Comfort and Reassurance only a Private Practice Can Offer

Patient-Focused Care Leads to Better Outcomes

The power of the patient-doctor relationship is one of the most valuable and overlooked tools we have in treating pain conditions. A simple conversation between doctor and patient can be the best diagnostic tool and as powerful as many treatments we prescribe.

Treatment plans are specifically designed for each patient to reduce pain, improve function and maximize quality of life. All of our offices are staffed with exceptional practitioners and rigorously trained medical staff to assist you with scheduling and insurance navigation.

Don't Accept Pain, We Can Help

Our expert, caring practitioners and state of the art facility make us one of the top rated pain management private practice in Connecticut.


Expertise You Can Trust

Dr. Grahling is the most credentialed pain management doctor in Central Connecticut, receiving both his education and medical training at Harvard University.

Because Where You Go for Care Matters

Our providers are dedicated to the art and science of determining the source of your pain in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

Advantages of receiving treatment at CPM:

Expertise You Can Trust

Dr. Grahling is the most credentialed pain management doctor in Central Connecticut, receiving both his education and medical training at Harvard University.

Strong Patient-Doctor Relationship

We take the time to get to know you and your unique health story to customize a plan that fits your life and helps you achieve your goals.  

Personalized Care

We stay by your side every step of the way, making sure you understand how to continue your progress once you leave the office.

More Time

Because our providers do not have quota requirements found in large health systems, they have more time to devote to your concerns and questions.

Cost Savings

Large healthcare systems naturally have more overhead, administration, and staff, infrastructure costs - factors that increase cost and don’t necessarily provide you with better care.  



Hear from Our Patients

C.D. from CT

“Dr. Grahling and staff have only shown me the highest care and concern, for my medical needs.  Dr. Grahling and his APRN Kelly Ann are wonderful, a genuine care for the patient. I have had only the most positive experience with this office. I give them five stars.”

S.J.R. from CT

"When I came to Dr. Grahling’s office I was in horrible pain. He and his staff are wonderful and gave me back my life by the procedures I have had done.  I appreciate having such a wonderful Dr. and kind helpful staff. I would definitely send any of my family and friends here."

Ida A. from CT

"Since Dr. Grahling has been treating my lower back pain, I'm more motivated to move around, go to the pool, walk, and feel better about myself. Thank you Dr. Grahling, Shawn and staff members for making my life better then what it was before I started my visits and treatments."

 We take all aspects of your health and lifestyle into consideration, and care for you in a manner that helps you get back to living your life.



Accurately Diagnosing Your Pain

Leaders in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of related pain conditions and car accident related-injuries. Dr. Grahling specializes in all major areas of the body, with a particular interest in spine and back pain conditions. CPM takes a non-surgical approach to spinal care in order to relieve pain and restore function.

Предоставляет ли Ваш центр гарантии?

Да. На все услуги центра предоставляется бесплатная гарантия на срок до 1 года. Это означает, что если при соблюдении всех рекомендаций у клиента снова появляются проблемы, наш центр обязуется бесплатно повторить все оказаные ранее услуги. Гарантия бесплатная, как и выезд мастера.

Как подготовить квартиру к обработке?

Подробная информация по подготовке помещения к обработке указана в ЭТОЙ статье.

Безопасны ли препараты для детей? Животных?

Наш центр крайне внимательно относиться к выбору препаратов которые будут использоваться для обработки помещений клиентов. Все препараты прошли лаборатрные исследования и имеют сертификаты соответствия. А наши квалифицированиые мастера-дезинфекторы имеют большой опыт работы с различными препаратами. Поэтому Вам нечего бояться, препараты полностью безвредны, как для людей, так и для домашних животных.

Как долго нельзя заходить в помещение после обработки?

После обработки следует подождать 2 часа, после чего можете заходить в помещение. Также рекомндуется проветрить помещение на протяжении минимум 30 минут.

Как получить скидку на услуги?

Сообщите менеджеру, если у Вас выполняется одно из условий: 10% скидка предоставляется следующим категориям населения: -пенсионеры -студенты -многодетные семьи До 25% скидка предоставляется при коллеткивной обработке.



We Listen, Diagnose, and Treat Pain from Head to Toe

Treatment plans are specifically designed for each patient to reduce pain, improve function, and maximize quality of life. By using diagnostic tests appropriately and avoiding over diagnosis or unnecessary prescriptions, we’re able to utilize minimal invasive procedures that will most likely be covered by your insurance.

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Medical Marijuana Certification

We are pleased to announce Dr. Grahling is certified to register patients with the CT State Medical Marijuana Program.

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